About Us

When Perfection was founded in 1979, the goal was to provide unequaled repair services to Midwest manufacturing companies. Today, Perfection is providing exceptional repair services to manufacturers around the world. What started as a small hydraulic repair shop has grown to become one of the largest hydraulic and electronic repair facilities in the United States.
While Perfection’s customer base expanded, so have our repair capabilities. We are very mindful of the latest manufacturing trends, and we listen carefully to our customer’s requests. When our customers told us that they were interested in sending all of their repairs to a single certified service center, we responded by opening our electronic repair department. Since being founded in 1985, the electronics department has grown to account for over 50% of our revenue.

We have continually expanded our repair capabilities to cover the evolving trends in manufacturing, routinely repairing servo motors, ball screws, encoders, spindles, transducers, and gear boxes in addition to our mainstay offerings.

We are capable of troubleshooting almost any manufacturing system that includes hydraulics and electronics, from PLCs to pumps. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are always available to assist in diagnosing problems, or determining the best way to prevent your component from failing in the future.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified repair facility, we have an obligation to our customers, our investors, and ourselves, to provide superior service. We are so confident in our services that we offer a 1 year operational warranty with every repair. That is, we will honor our workmanship for one year after the date you install your repaired component—regardless of how long it sits on your shelf.

You can rest assured that every repair we make is backed by the attention to detail, in-depth product knowledge, and experience that has made Perfection one of the most successful organizations in the industry. For over 30 years, our commitment to quality has been a reflection of our customer’s trust.