About Perfection Servo

35+ Years of Industrial Repair Services Servicing North America

Perfection Servo developed a reputation as one of the leaders in industrial repair services quickly after opening its’ doors in 1979.  We’re a ISO 9001:2015 certified business and our customers have learned to rely on the quality work that our technicians put into repairs in hydraulics, electronics, servo, and mechanical equipment. We understand that your business depends on a repair partner that will get you running quickly, which is why we repair and test units back to OEM specs to ensure our repair gets your line running again.

We’ve grown our business to five (5) locations and have expended to offer our services to service all of North America. Our size of 75,000+ sq. feet of combined facility space and experience repairing over 50,000+ unique models for thousands of OEM equipment has provided us with a robust surplus inventory that allows us to pass the savings onto our customer.