Our Services Feature:

  • • Free Evaluations.
  • • Testing of Every Repair.
  • • Pick-up and Delivery Service.
  • • 24 Hour Emergency Repair Service.
  • • 10 Day Turnaround on Standard Repairs.
  • • Experienced Technicians Using OEM Parts.
  • • 12 Month Operational Warranty on Every Repair.


Authorized repair center


Warranty starts when you install our component

12 month operational warranty
Not the invoice date!

Authorized repair center


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Electronics Department

Perfection Servo’s electronic service and repair department specializes in: drives, servo motors, transducers, amplifiers, CNC controls, molding controls, power supplies, PLC’s, temperature controls, motor controls and encoders. We repair boards and controllers from over 700 manufacturers and continually train on new equipment to keep up with the latest technologies. We go beyond board-level diagnostics to test individual components under dynamic loads that replicate your workplace environment.
Components that fail testing are replaced from our extensive stock of OEM parts and the unit is rebuilt by our trained technicians.  Rebuilt boards are then tested with the same controllers found in your plant, simulating days of heavy activity.  Only when a board meets our complete satisfaction is it packed and returned.   In many cases, we can exchange boards for critical applications to get you up in running in 24 hours.
We utilize control systems from popular manufacturers like General Electric, Allen Bradley, Modicon, Reliance, and many others.

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 Our Specialties

AC/DC Drives     Servo Controls     PLC's     HMI's/TouchScreens      Power Supply's      Servo Motors     Encoders     Stepper Drives

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